Physician practice valuations Boston. Ronald Adams discussing Physician practice valuations, what are they, and when needed.

Good morning, my name is Ron Adams. My company’s name is Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc

We specialize in physician practice valuations, and we work with physicians that are bringing in new partners or shareholders into their business and they need a valuation of their business in order to figure out what the value will be that the new partner or shareholder will be paying to buy into the practice.

We also work with physicians that are contemplating selling their practices to, for example, a major medical center in their geographic service area and they want to know what their value is – they want to know what the value of their physician is worth, and helping them negotiate that deal with the medical center in their geographic service area.

We perform Physician valuations in Maine, Physician valuations in Massachusetts, Physician valuations in Connecticut, Physician valuations in Rhode Island, Physician valuations in Vermont, Physician valuations in New Hampshire, Physician valuations in New York, Physician valuations in New Jersey, and Physician valuations in Pennsylvania, and we’ll go to where the business is.

You can reach us at via email, or you can call us on the telephone at (774) 719-2236 and we can discuss your situation with you, and we’d love to work with you.

Thank you. Ron Adams, Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. Make it a great day.

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