Bankruptcy Re-Organization – Chapter 11 Proceedings

As you know, a bankruptcy or business restructuring is a time of high stress. It requires prompt and informed decision-making in order to minimize damage and maximize a company’s future prospects. The situation demands a professional team of experienced advisors with the resources to promptly address a wide variety of alternatives. An expert financial and valuation consultant is an essential part of this team.  Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. provides valuation services in the following areas:


Allocation of Purchase Price                                            (Tangibles/Intangibles)

Tax Planning and Reorganization

Tax Controversy

Cost Segregation (1245/1250) Studies

SEC/Financial Planning:

Allocation of Purchase Price                                            (Tangibles/Intangibles)

Stock Option Valuation

Trust and Estate:

Stock Valuations

Family Limited Partnerships

Undivided Interests in  Real Estate

Business Enterprise Valuations

Financing Arrangements:

Real Estate Appraisals (FIRREA)

Equipment Values

Solvency Opinions

Litigation Support

Fairness Opinions

ESOP Valuations


Corporate Conversions – S to C corporations, etc.

Subchapter S Elections

Ad Valorem Tax Consulting

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals            Compliance, and Appraisal

Merger & Acquisition transactions

SFAS 141 (Business Combinations – ASC 805) & 142 (Goodwill Impairment – ASC 350)

Capital Adequacy Test for Spinoffs

Independent Research on:

Premiums for Control

Discounts for Lack of


Preferred Stock Studies

Bankruptcy Proceedings

 Owners and executives want to know that any professional valuation specialist is the best in the field.  Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. is the one global valuation firm with the depth and breadth of experience to meet all your clients’ valuation needs. Our professionals have appraised assets from manufacturing, software, wholesale distribution, real estate holding companies, REITs, construction, engineering & architectural forms, healthcare delivery, physician practices, computer software to professional services.  We deliver supportable opinions and the expert testimony to back them up in court.  Our reputation and success rate are second to none.

Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. is a regional valuation firm and over a twenty-six (26) years of experience in business valuation and real estate & property appraisal and consultation.  Our clients include small, medium & large size firms, closely held businesses and attorneys, accountants and financial advisors.

Please contact me to discuss our bankruptcy “fresh start accounting” service capabilities, and our interest in working with you to provide the fair market valuation of  the enterprise’s tangible and intangible assets. You can contact me at (774) 719-2236; or on my mobile phone at: (508) 878-8390.

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