Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Valuing business equity for establishment of an ESOP requires the specialized knowledge and approach that Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. (“FCGI”) provides. Our professionals are experts in federal regulations governing ESOPs, ERISA requirements, and in client industries and markets as well. We work closely with attorneys, bank officials and others active in setting up the ESOP, while remaining independent of financial interests in the plan to provide objective opinions.

As one of the regional management consulting and independent appraisal firm, Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. has been offering accurate, objective opinions of value for over fourteen (14) years. Our appraisal experts value businesses from one-person professional practices to small to mid-size corporations.

Our ESOP specialists start by analyzing the plan for provisions affecting the value of stock, such as put option agreements and minority or majority control positions. Their detailed knowledge of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and other regulations ensures that all appraisals meet federal requirements. Drawing on appraisal experience in industries as varied as manufacturing, petrochemicals and health care, Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. accurately represents the value of the client’s business and underlying stock values.

With annual valuations required, continuity is important. Foxboro Consulting Group Inc’s continuity and stability assures you that we’ll be around to update our work as long as the plan exists. Should the stock value ever be challenged, you can count on Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc.to support our conclusions with expert testimony before regulators and courts.

For expert, independent appraisals of equity for establishing or maintaining ESOPs, call Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc.