Business Enterprise Valuation (BEV) Services

Fair market value (“FMV”) is the benchmark by which all health care transactions are measured.

FMV is defined as : “The amount which a business should bring if exposed for sale on the open market, with a reasonable time allowed to locate a purchaser, both buyer and seller having knowledge of the uses and purposes to which the assets owned thereof are adapted, and for which they are capable of being used, the seller being willing but not compelled to sell, and the buyer being willing, but not compelled to buy.”

The health care valuation experts of FCGI are among the most experienced in the field. We prepare our valuations in compliance with current Internal Revenue Service and Office of the Inspector General requirements. As members of the Institute of Business Appraisers (“IBA”), our professionals are held to the highest standards. There are three (3) generally accepted methods of valuation, including:

  • Cost Approach
  • Market Approach
  • Income Approach

Our valuation experts will utilize as many of these approaches as is appropriate, to ensure you an accurate assessment. Our Valuation Consultants have significant experience with the following entities:

  • Privately-held, for-profit Companies
  • Software Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • High Technology Companies
  • Financial Services Entities
  • Application Service Providers (ASPs)
  • Bio-tech Companies
  • Other For-Profit Businesses.

Should you be a health system acquiring an asset or divesting an asset, FCGI has valuation consultants with the experience to understand the issues surrounding the transaction.