Business Development

This proven business development process (business-to-business, sales and marketing process) turns the technology of sales force automation and telemarketing into a powerful target marketing tool that can increase your sales for much less than the cost of traditional marketing. If you are frustrated by any of the following challenges, we can assist you.

  1. Want doors opened to senior level decision-makers
  2. Have sophisticated sales and value propositions to communicate
  3. Want to launch new products and services
  4. Want visibility with and access to decision-makers/buyers
  5. Financial projections to attain
  6. Making sure sales staff are thinking outside the box
  7. Keeping the sales effort focused on goals and objectives

Even the most targeted advertising and direct marketing strategies involve a high cost and expense to reaching many people who may never buy their products or services. While such traditional strategies are effective at building brand image over time, they generally do not produce serious sales leads on a cost-effective basis. By analyzing your customer profile and determining the types of companies and identifying the decision-makers most likely to buy your company’s products and services, your company can dramatically improve the success rate of identifying and harvesting new customers. The task is within the capability of any company today, thanks to off-the-shelf contact-management software, such as ACT or Goldmine.

Executives and decision-makers these days have little time and tend to focus almost exclusively on their most pressing day-to-day operating challenges and needs. To reach these decision makers efficiently, marketers have to identify not only the most likely prospects, but the time period during which they are most likely to buy. Companies traditionally have relied on the sales force to find new prospects, but most salespeople end up spending little time prospecting for new customers, and a lot of time preparing reports and justifying their existence, especially in slower economic times. They favor servicing current accounts or going after only the most likely new prospects.

If companies want to maximize sales results, they must find a new way of cost-effectively identifying and contacting prime prospects and determining when they are likely to buy a particular product or service.

Business Development is based on the principle that there is a specific number of companies and or decision-makers/buyers who will be interested in your product or service at a given time. The key to successful qualified lead generation is finding, targeting, and gaining access to those people. People in a buying mode are eager to talk to salespeople who identify and understand their immediate and long term needs. At other times during the year, these people will not even return a telephone call. The key ingredient to success is the ability to get in front of these decision-makers on a regular basis. FCGI will provide the following array of consulting services to achieve your Business Development objectives:

  • Business development through contact list database development, telemarketing, lead generation, and scheduling qualified appointments for the client.
  • Develop a target contact/mailing listing and establish meetings with decision makers encompassing numerous industries including:
    • Hospitals
    • Large Physician Groups
    • Long-Term Care Facilities (skilled nursing facilities)
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Manufacturing
    • Financial Services
    • Bio-tech
    • High-tech/Software
    • Life Sciences
    • Attorneys
    • REITs

Our contact list that we develop for you will include name, title, company name, address, telephone number, annual sales, number of employees, etc.