Fairness Opinion Services

Fairness opinions are used to aid fiduciaries in making decisions that affect the people whose financial interests are at stake. In a litigious environment, corporate transactions are subject to increased scrutiny especially when potential for conflicts of interest exists. The integrity of expert opinions that judge the fairness of mergers, acquisitions and other transactions is more important than ever.

Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. offers important objectivity in evaluating the financial fairness of corporate transactions. Clients served by the professionals of Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. include boards of directors, special independent committees of boards, shareholders, fiduciaries such as ESOP trustees and other parties involved in change of control or other transactions.

In evaluating the consideration or financial terms of a transaction or reorganization, Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. considers:

  • The value of the businesses or assets transferred or exchanged
  • The value and form of the consideration received or paid
  • Available alternatives offering greater value than proposed transaction including a “testing of the market”
  • Whether the parties are financially better off as a result of the transaction
  • The extent to which the proposed transaction adds value to businesses, securities or assets

As corporate transactions receive increasing scrutiny from shareholders and regulators, the role of fairness opinions issued by credible and objective financial professionals has become more important. Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. offers independence and thoroughness as a provider of fairness opinions, which are effective requisites in protecting fiduciaries and shareholders.