Oncology Services – Valuation & Management Consulting Services

Southern NH Medical Center
Foundation Medical Partners
Earline Washington, VP for Finance
Nashua NH
Prepared physician practice valuation for four (4) physician oncology practice related to joint venture planning

Montgomery County Cancer Center
Dr. James Brown
Rockville, Maryland
Dr. Frank Sullivan
Silver Spring, Maryland
Developed financial feasibility study for a free standing cancer center offering radiation therapy, chemotherapy, diagnostic imaging, and stem cell transplant services

Millennium Oncology Management, Inc.
Richard M. Yelovich, MD
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Developed the entity structure, business plan, fee structure and market segment pieces, in conjunction with an area health system, to provide oncology management services to related providers.

North Shore Hematology & Oncology Associates
Michael H Dosik, MD, FACP
Setauket, NY
Provided interim CFO management for this five (5) physician oncology practice and provided valuation and financial advisory services in their negotiation with a for profit nation oncology management company that was rolling up oncology practices.

Oncology Resources, Ltd.
Scott Fisher, DO
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Developed oncology network structure, business plan and negotiation bases for radiation oncology services provider to managed care organizations

Radiation Medicine Associates of Scranton, P.C.
Harmor Brereton, MD
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Developed MSO structure for oncology practices, jointly with a local hospital system, to handle network of freestanding facilities and hospital based practices.

East Coast Radiation Oncology Associates, P.A.
Larry Coia, MD
Toms River, New Jersey
Project in process to develop with large hospital system, a network approach to oncology management encompassing medical and surgical oncology as well as radiation oncology.

Medical Center of the University of Texas – SouthWest 
Waxahachie/Dallas, Texas
Developed a financial feasibility study for the development of a Proton Beam Radiation Therapy Center at the Proton Beam Medical Center of the University of Texas – SouthWest – In conjunction with Lockheed Martin/Marietta